Insight’ is defined as the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thingTwitter is one of our favorite mediums because it gives us a chance to read various thoughts, perspectives, and ideas. It’s a melting pot for real-time dialogue from real-life Creatives and allows us to get a peak inside of their thought process. Pretty often we come across a thread that speaks directly to our experiences. During the last half of 2018, this one by Nona left us inspired to re-think our social media usage for productivity AND our peace.  (Intro by Melissa Kimble)

 unplugging-from-social-media-andrew-guan-448009-unsplash unplugging-from-social-media-andrew-guan-448009-unsplash

Can I tell you why unplugging from social media during times like this is good?

You don’t need to be subjected to a variety of opinions on how one should process violence or emotionally traumatic events that affect us on a macro level. Social media is opinion bombardment. This causes anxiety.

So what begins to happen is you get sucked into the opinions and you withdraw socially. Less time outside, less time with your hands on your loved ones. And I’m comes the depressive thoughts. It’s programming. It’s an attempt to numb you so that you don’t have compassion.

And if your compassion mechanisms are totally shot, the powers that be can do whatever they like. You are seeing this with these children at the border. We are talking about children.

So that’s why it’s okay to withdraw from social media in times line this. You can either go offline or create your twitter lists to see only the things that help you heal or relax. It’s a good way to go inside yourself or tune in to learn.

Now is a great time to develop your hobbies. Use that as a self care mechanism and you never know what can come of it. We are going to be moving into more hand to hand commerce so whatever that thing is that you have, unplug from this trash media and plug into that gift.

It may not make sense now. Years ago when I was talking passports y’all said it was senseless, yet now here we are. I’m just passing the seed along for y’all to plant on your own. We will have to learn to rely on each other. The compassion of humanity is being tested now.

We are now being exposed to more traumatic things even in passing just to see how we respond. Your ability to forgive and extend compassion(to self first) is being tested like crazy. These events that trigger you are reminders of where to still work and to love on yourself.

This is a great time for you to choose yourself and your own healing so that you can heal the collective. Fuck the noise of media. Opinion bombardment is a spiritual warfare tactic meant to incite confusion. Unplug it.

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