Ready to join our membership but still have a few questions about what to expect? We feel you! Take a moment to read through our answers to some of the most common membership questions.

QUESTION: What is the cost to join this community? Do I have to pay all at once or do you offer flexible pricing?
ANSWER: You do not have to pay all at once and we offer three options for the cost to join our community:

$50 per quarter/three months, $180 for a yearly subscription.

The quarterly option allows you to save on the monthly price, and the yearly subscription is the best bang for your buck. If you’re interested in getting your employer to cover your membership costs, email Dayana at for info.

QUESTION: What are the perks and benefits of joining the #blkcreatives membership community?
ANSWER: One-on-one support, acknowledgement, resources and opportunities for your overall advancement in an exclusive safe, supportive, and respectful environment is the number one benefit of joining our membership community.

All of those things are strengthened through our various perks and benefits listed below:

  • A digital community of Black creatives who are also trying to figure it the f*ck out
  • Virtual co-working hours to get work done
  • Office hours with the #blkcreatives team to discuss any needs you may have
  • Direct support for job seekers like resume critiques, job referrals, and amplifying your portfolio and work on our social media channels
  • Exclusive member only experiences and offerings like member led talks, workshops, meet-ups, giveaways, and discount codes
  • First in line for brand partnership inclusions (paid live tweeting opportunities and promo during one of our Twitter watch parties as an example, attending the Honk for Jesus LA premiere is another example)

Once you join the community, you’ll be prompted to fill out an access assessment form that will tell us your current needs and challenges. That will be where your membership journey begins.

Our primary focus with our community is to guide Black creators from doubt and uncertainty into confidence and clarity.

QUESTION: Does my membership automatically renew each quarter/year?
ANSWER: Yes it does, it renews according to the plan you select (quarterly or yearly).

QUESTION: How do I access the community itself?
ANSWER: We host our community on Circle. You can login to our membership community via desktop, and we highly recommend using the app version to stay connected. When you enter into the community, you will receive a welcome message with instructions to get started along with info about how to use the community.

QUESTION: How do I sign up for exclusive monthly events?
ANSWER: You will be notified when a new event is created. Once it’s created, visit our Workshops + Events Space inside of the membership community, click on the event, and follow the prompts to RSVP.

QUESTION: For weekly events such as the coworking sessions, can I just show up every week or do I have to register?
ANSWER: You can do one or the other or both. Your choice.

QUESTION: What are the community expectations for each member + the collective?
ANSWER: Each member is expected to be respectful, authentic, intentional, and creative. What’s shared inside of our community, stays inside of the community. As a collective we are expected to always be willing to help someone else, why we are helping ourselves.

We keep our values in mind:
Safety. Well-being. Freedom. Creativity. Kindness. Integrity. Vulnerability. Authenticity.

We are always in pursuit of progress not perfection, community over clout, authenticity over algorithms, freedom over fear.

QUESTION: Are members able to contribute feedback for the space?
ANSWER: Our space was created for everyone to contribute feedback, not just the #blkcreatives team. We want you to not only share your challenges, your needs, your creativity, your ideas, your experiences and your insight, we also want you to share feedback on the space itself. We’re constantly building and tweaking our community as we expand, and member feedback is what keeps us going. You can drop any ideas or feedback in our Member Ideas + Feedback space.

QUESTION: What’s a Member Talk and how can I sign up to host one?
ANSWER: A Member Talk is where members share their personal expertise and insight around their creative practices and process with information that can be applied immediately. Inside of the Welcome Space, click on Member Resources and scroll down to fill out the form. Our Community Manager Dayana will reach out with next steps to solidify a timeframe. You can find past Member Talks in our Community Library.

QUESTION: How do I submit a resource for the community?
ANSWER: Simply post it in the community, in our resources spaces which are categorized into professions. Anyone can share at any time! If you’d like to do a collaboration, reach out to our Community Manager Dayana.

QUESTION: Can I invite other folks to join?
ANSWER: Of course you can! Send them to our membership page to join and tell them congrats on making an investment in their creativity.

Ready to make an investment in your creative and overall well-being? Join us here–we get you, and we got you.