First off, we’d like to thank you for even opening up this post to begin with. To admit that you’re at a point where you really need a break takes grace, honesty, and self-awareness. Give yourself some credit for that.

Two, it’s okay that you’re tired right now – we’re all dealing with something. Not saying that to put a blanket over your feelings just saying that to share that no one is exempt from this part of the process. Even your friends who may seem like they have it all together, or the people you see on social media who appear to be winning, or the celebrities you’ve watched go from the internet into Hollywood, every single person you know has had moments, months, seasons, or even years of needing a pause, needing some relief.

You will get through it.

We want to remind you that even if you can’t take a vacation, there are still ways to take care of yourself right where you are. If you’re able to read this post, you can get creative with how you nurture yourself while knowing that you deserve spaces and moments to unwind just because you’re human.

We hope that you give yourself a lot of patience and grace with however this time feels for you in the same way you would for a loved one. We hope that you don’t spend so much of your time marinating on what’s going wrong, that you miss out on the opportunities to focus:

  1. Focus on habits vs. quick fixes. Take one habit at a time and adjust based on what you need, a slow build won't feel so overwhelming.
  2. Focus on the ability to get creative with how you nurture yourself.
  3. Focus on something different. Remember how you loved to color as a kid? Go grab a coloring book, turn on a playlist, and set a timer for 15 minutes.

You are not powerless.You are not without ways to rest.You are not unworthy of taking some breaks.

We believe in you. Ask for your help, manage your schedule, allow yourself to pause as much as you need, and give yourself the grace, patience, and permission to not be able to do every single thing on your list. We wish you a renewed perspective, an empowering support system, and opportunities to learn more about the type of life you want for yourself. It’s okay to keep rest and re-framing and if that’s too hard, we’re here for you.

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