About Us

#blkcreatives (pronounced hashtag Black creatives) was created by Melissa Kimble to uplift Black creatives + remind us of our creative freedom.

Melissa’s billboard tweet in Los Angeles, as part of Twitter’s BLM campaign. Photo by: John Wellington Ennis


We are here to destroy the myth that creative fields are not lucrative + fulfilling pathways to success for Black creatives.

Our goal is to provide Black creatives the support they need to build the future they want for themselves and the next generation.

Melissa Kimble Chicago billboard black creativity is still our saving grace

Melissa’s billboard tweets in Chicago, as part of Twitter’s BLM campaign. Photo: Chan C. Smith www.chancsmith.com

In order to be sustainable and keep moving the world forward, Black creativity must be supported, nurtured, and protected – #blkcreatives does that by providing:

– access to job opportunities via our job board and our directory

– content, products, and experiences that improve your mental, emotional, and financial well being as a Black creative.

– a dope community of other smart, sharp, and compassionate Black people

and it all starts with our newsletter that puts good news (job opps, marathon-like insight, creative resources + more) in your digital mailbox. Sign up here.

Interested in advertising, partnership, editorial and/or sponsorship opportunities? Email Krissy at krissy@blkcreatives.com.

Interested in editorial partnership opportunities or writing for our site? Email Melissa at Melissa@blkcreatives.com.

Our Values

Do the (inner) work.

Make your own (rules).

Black culture is pop culture.

Freedom = responsibility.

Collective economic empowerment.

Honor the culture.