Melissa Kimble Founder of #blkcreatives

Are you patient enough to go back?

What if you already have what you need to build that vision you see in your head #blkcreatives?

And what if you just missed it because you were moving too fast? 

As creatives, our minds are moving at a mile a minute in a forward-only, hungry for what’s next world, which can really work to our advantage if we’re paying attention. You may think, well first of all, how is that a good thing?

Because it can teach us how to keep at our OWN pace regardless of what’s happening if we treat it as an exercise and opportunity to learn patience. 

I’ve learned that if you can’t be patient enough to sit with yourself and allow some ideas to come and go, make space for some to evolve, or stick with them long enough to see which ones will pay off, how will you be patient within anything else?

Our entire lives are made of process after process, our creative work included. At each stage there are some plans that get let go of for whatever reason, yet it keeps coming back up again and again. 

What’s the idea that will not leave you alone?

This month, will you be patient enough with yourself, with your time, your energy and your focus to go back to your old ideas and build on them?

Who knows what you’ll create. 


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