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Technology fatigue is real and at the same time, these streaming services can also be used as tools of inspiration. Here’s a list of some of our favorite creative films and shows to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime.

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Quincy On Netflix

“Looking back over my career – 70 years that’s a muathafucka.” – Quincy Jones to Kendrick Lamar, Quincy

We could sing Quincy Jones’ praises for forever, the man is a legend. In his 2018 documentary film based on his life and career, you get to literally watch him evolve into an icon. You get to literally watch him work with Sarah Vaughn and Ella Fitzgerald and geek around with Ray Charles. His career is insane even BEFORE he gets to Thriller, which is such a groundbreaking commercial success that you almost forget the musicality that was placed into it. After watching Quincy on Netflix, you won’t forget. 

Creative consideration: Think about the bigger picture of your career and how you attack it.

Ruth Carter’s Abstract Episode on Netflix

“People assume that I became a costume designer because I love fashion but that wasn’t it at all. My heroes were Langston Hughes, James Baldwin, Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, playwrights, poets – those were the designers that inspired me.”

Ruth Carter’s appreciation for storytelling and her commitment to how she expresses it is found in some of our beloved classics. From Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing to Black Panther to Baby Boy and more, this feature gives you the opportunity to take a look at Ruth’s creative process, inspiration, and her life story that informs her approach to her work with some of her biggest fans echoing her praises. “What makes Ruth’s work beautiful is the humanity,” Ryan Coogler shares about Ruth’s artistry. “It never feels like costumes, it feels like clothes.”

Creative consideration: Celebrate and honor the expression of your creative gifts. 

Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am on Hulu

One thing we’ve always appreciated about Toni Morrison is that she lived her life on her own terms and dedicated herself to doing what she wanted to do inside and outside of her craft. The documentary beautifully highlights the story of one of our greatest writers of all time who forever inspires us to hold on to our autonomy:

“Navigating a white male world was not threatening…it wasn’t even interesting. I was more interesting than they were. I knew more than they did. And I wasn’t afraid to show it. You have to be a little tough and rely on yourself. And tell people no.” — Toni Morrison

Creative consideration: Defining dedication and discipline for yourself. 

The Defiant Ones on Apple TV

It’s amazing how the storytelling in The Defiant Ones is a collaborative effort. From Diddy talking about that infamous night at The Source Awards to Dee Barnes talking about how she “called the police on Mr. Fuck The Police”, the stories of Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre are shown through multiple, entertaining perspectives across multiple decades. As it chronicles how their journeys grew and then intertwined to their historic partnership, you’ll watch a masterclass in holding on to your creativity throughout life’s highs and lows. 

Creative consideration: Pursue partnerships that help you nurture your creative freedom. 

More Films to Get Your Creative Muscles Going

Sylvie’s Love on Amazon Prime

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