Introducing The #blkcreatives Directory of Black Creatives

Our new directory for Black creatives is an extension of our mission: to destroy the myth that creative fields are not lucrative + fulfilling pathways to success for Black creatives by providing resources, content, products, and a community of support. 

Our goal is to provide Black creatives with the support they need to build the future they want for themselves and the next generation.

We are ALWAYS being asked for talent or being tagged in posts for talent and wanted to find an easier way to make connections for our community. Time is literally money and this allows companies, fellow Creatives, and more to proactively seek out the professionals they need.

The directory is FREE for Creatives, you can add your info to it here.

In honor of our directory launch, we’d like to highlight a few of the Creatives currently listed in our directory.

Aspen Cierra Evans 

“I want my work to be the preservation and creation of beauty. The majority of my work features Black excellence and triumph. I want my work to be Black joy. I want to shoot magazine editorials, brand campaigns and social media content. My ideal clients would be beauty brands like Fenty Beauty, haircare brands like Pattern Beauty and lifestyle and/or tech brands.”

Aspen is a Commercial and Editorial Photographer

Top three skills: Content Creation, Fashion/lifestyle/advertising Photography, Photo Editing

Top three niches: Fashion/lifestyle/advertising photography, photo production, photo editing/retouching

Find Aspen’s portfolio here.

Stephen-Michael Thompson Jr

“I am a creative and lover of tech who uses my media skills and computer science background to impact clients, co-workers, and fellow creators. A native of Prince George’s County, Maryland; I was raised in the church. My humble beginnings led him to Morgan State University, where I gained a degree in Computer Science in 2020. My CS experience is centered around IT Analysis, Programming, Web Design, and App Development.”

Stephen-Michael is a Digital Creative.

Top three skills: Graphic Design, Web Design, Social Media Content

Top three niches: digital advertising, e-commerce strategy, branding

Find Stephen-Michael’s work here.

Jardley Jean-Louis

“I create illustrations and animations for organizations that center the current events in our world. I’m passionate about visualizing stories regarding social and racial justice and factual journalism.”

Jardley is an Animator + Illustrator

Top three skills: 2D Motion Graphics Animation, Illustration, Explainer Videos

Top three niches: Marketing, Social Causes, Editorial Illustration

Find Jardley’s portfolio here.

Delaun Anderson

“I love creating ad campaigns, working on branding projects (logo creation, identity suites, etc) and illustrating posters and cover art for movies, tv shows, and musicians. I also enjoy working on projects that relate to pop culture and that are timely.”

Delaun is a Jr. Art Director

Top three skills: Art Direction, Branding, Illustration

Top three niches: Advertising, Brand Identities, Art Direction for entertainment (tv, movies, music, etc)

Find Delaun’s portfolio here.

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