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Company Description

A+I stands for ‘Architecture Plus Information’.  We are a strategy-led, integrated architecture and design agency, and for 26 years we have been focused on the transformation of work(place). Our purpose is to use information and creativity to better the changing world we inhabit.


A+I is an equal opportunity employer.

We are committed to achieving a workforce as diverse as the city we call home.


A+I believes in building towards a responsible practice.

We stand firmly for progressive social policy, responsible stewardship of our planet, and combating climate change.


A+I builds to better the world we inhabit.

We live our purpose through our devotion to creating more compelling human experiences – ones that seek to unite people and organizations, amplify their purpose, and better the world we inhabit. We believe that researching and building informed strategies to guide the design of spaces and experiences is a powerful lever for achieving the greater goals of those for whom we design as well as building towards more humane, inclusive, and sustainable futures. As such, building beautiful, meaningful, purposeful, and sustainable spatial experiences is deeply dependent on the strategies that organize that thinking. We achieve this through fostering diverse collaborative creative teams, integrated across research and design disciplines, and aligned around our client’s vision.


A+I Culture is our people

We view everyone as an individual, and we understand that inclusion is more than just diversity – it’s about belonging. We celebrate the fact that everyone is unique, and that’s what makes us so good at what we do.  What our people have in common is a wealth of talent and determination to do great work and to real desire support one another.  And we support that with great benefits, real opportunities for professional growth, tasty snacks, good tunes, and occasionally a good beverage pick.  Our expertise is workplace, so it makes sense that we are  constantly working on making our place of work a great place to be.

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