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Our goal is to help creatives access the resources they need to build the future they want for themselves and the next generation and our job board is one of the ways we meet that goal.

We’re known on Twitter and Instagram as a support network over for over 70K creatives and reaching over 1 million people, organically a month. 

#blkcreatives (pronounced hashtag Black creatives) was created to showcase the vast breadth of what’s possible for Black creatives and help them unpack what they’ve been taught about what’s possible so they can remember the creative freedom that is alive within them.

That creative freedom is directly connected to the work we do with our hands, our hearts, and our minds.

Whether you’re a creative looking for your next opportunity or a company that’s looking to cast a wider smarter net to fill their roles, here’s four things to know about our job board.

#blkcreatives job board hiring diverse talent

1. It’s a Black-owned board through and through.

As a brand, our mission of economic growth for Black and Brown creatives starts from the inside out. Product Engineer Iheanyi Ekechukwu founded Seeker, the platform we use to create our job board. 

2. It includes nationwide full-time opportunities – including remote positions. We accept them all!

Our top demo cities include New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Atlanta. We also currently have a need from our community for jobs located in the Midwest, Southern states and Toronto and a growing request for UK based jobs. If you have a project based gig that you’re hiring for, we also encourage you to submit your job to our job board. We want to make space for full time AND project-based gigs.

Creative professionals can search the job board by location and job keywords. 

3. It cost $100 to post a job on our platform.

Your job listing will stay live on our job board for 35 days. Simply submit your job info here. The great thing about posting is that you’re contributing to the economic good of Black creatives. A few companies we’ve already hosted: Zendesk, Cal Poly Pomona University, North American Association for Environmental Education, Whole30, Sonos, Blinkist, Expedia and more.

Interested in being an affiliate for our job board? Email:, subject: Job Board Affiliate 

4. We share our job board on a very regular basis and it’s one of the most visited pages on our website.

We promote it on our social media channels and we include it in our weekly newsletter. Outside of our #blkcreativejobs hashtag on Twitter this is our dedicated space for sharing job opportunities and the numbers reflect it. Year-to-date (3.3.20), we’ve had close to 4K pageviews and counting.

Here’s the one-sheet for a more detailed overview of our job board.

#blkcreatives job board hiring diverse talent 2

Submit your open job roles here.

Search our job board here.