#blkcreatives is the only digital collective that provides aid, resources, and genuine concern for the betterment of the Black creator.

We are forming our membership into a lighthouse where we guide Black creators from doubt and uncertainty into confidence and clarity.

You are welcomed here.

We are building a future where Black creatives are acknowledged and supported personally and professionally.

We’re here to help you expand your well-being and creative freedom.Our membership will provide you with:

  • A digital community of Black creatives who are also trying to figure it the f*ck out

  • An exclusive safe, supportive, and respectful environment where we exchange strategies, tools, resources, insight, and feedback that help you on your journey

  • Direct support for creative job seekers

  • Exclusive member only experiences and offerings, talks, workshops, meet-ups, giveaways, and tickets

  • Referrals of members for job opportunities

  • Virtual co-working sessions featuring some bomb playlists

  • A dedicated digital home away from social media with its own mobile app

What our membership is:

  • A safe and respectful support space for Black creatives, free of judgment, shame, societal pressures, ashiness etc.

  • A chance for Black creatives to be themselves and express who they are.

  • An intentional space for Black creatives to connect with other authentic Black creatives.

What our membership ain’t:

  • A social media platform. This is a digital community with offline, in real life roots and magic.

  • An opportunity to flex. That is what social media is for.

  • A marketplace. No promo, no selling. We’re here to build, learn, and grow. (We promise not to do it either).

Words from our Founding Members

“I joined the #blkcreatives community because I’ve always appreciated the authenticity of the brand. I also want to expand my network because in my day to day life, I don’t have many individuals that I can talk creativity with in a safe space. I’m excited to see how #blkcreatives community continues to grow and being a part of that.”
– Dayana

“#blkcreatives community gives me a safe-space to connect to high-caliber (Read: Black and Excellent) creatives who are centered on being open, loving, and informative. This has been a great place to connect.”
– Terrance

A look inside of the community
Membership Fees

Come make an investment in your creativity and build your community.

We offer flexible pricing. Choose from $50/qtr, or $180/yr.
If you need assistance: dayana@blkcreatives.com

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