If you’re a Black creator looking for genuine aid, resources, and concern for your overall advancement, this membership is for you.

Culture does not exist without Black creativity. By nurturing the contributions of all Black creators, we sustain, preserve and elevate our culture. 
You are welcomed here.

We want to guide Black creators from doubt and uncertainty into confidence and clarity.

We’re here to help you expand your well-being and creative freedom.Our membership will provide you with:

  • An exclusive digital community of Black creatives who are also working to expand as creative professionals
  • Access to opportunities like gigs, referrals, collaborations, creative opportunities and more resources
  • Member only experiences, workshops, meet-ups, giveaways, and tickets that enhance your overall well-being
  • Virtual coworking sessions featuring some bomb playlists
  • An intentional creatives space away from the  noise of social media with its own mobile app

What our membership is:

  • A digital community built on safety, vulnerability, and authenticity for thoughtful feedback from other creative professionals
  • A lighthouse for Black creatives to access a support system, resources, and opportunities, 
  • An intentional space for professional advancement

What our membership ain’t:

  • A social media platform. This is a digital community with offline, in real life roots and magic.

  • An opportunity to flex. That is what social media is for.

  • A marketplace. No promo, no selling. We’re here to build, learn, and grow. (We promise not to do it either).

Our Values: Safety is required for our Well-being. Our Freedom in Creativity is a gift. We lead with Kindness, Integrity, and Authenticity to create a space of Vulnerability and productive action. 

Words from our Founding Members

“I joined the #blkcreatives community because I’ve always appreciated the authenticity of the brand. I also want to expand my network because in my day to day life, I don’t have many individuals that I can talk creativity with in a safe space. I’m excited to see how #blkcreatives community continues to grow and being a part of that.”
– Dayana

“#blkcreatives community gives me a safe-space to connect to high-caliber (Read: Black and Excellent) creatives who are centered on being open, loving, and informative. This has been a great place to connect.”
– Terrance

A look inside of the community
Membership Fees

Make an investment in yourself and build community around your creativity.

We offer flexible pricing. Choose from $50/qtr or $180/yr.
If you need assistance: admin@blkcreatives.com

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