scottie. on Personal Productivity And The Beauty of Routine

We all entered the year optimistic of what may come, planning and plotting moves that would expand our future, elevate our status, and, ultimately, contribute to our growth.

We picked up new methods of productivity and different habits. We crafted vision boards and declared affirmations that would keep us focused on our hustles. 

Then, COVID-19.

Redirection is an understatement; the massive pivot we went through due to stay-at-home orders and ‘non-essential’ businesses having to shutter offline. Many of us have lost gigs, jobs, and contracts, forcing us to reexamine…everything we planned.  

We’re all touched by this in some way: those infected and those who who are close to them. Those who’ve passed, and those struggling with the weight of a crisis. It’s a lot. 

Meanwhile, social media continues its mantra of constant productivity, as if productivity is the key. As if you can work yourself (and the world) out of a global crisis.   It can be hard to know which way is up in this midst of this. Where should we be investing our new free time? How should we be nurturing ourselves while surrounded by anxiety, panic, and grief? 

Simple. We chose to be productive for ourselves.

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We must redefine what it means to be productive.

Unprioritize the hustle. We are worthy of productivity because we exist. Because we think. 

Personal productivity is less about producing and more about managing yourself and structuring your life to nurture you and your hustle. 

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Develop routines. They are the key to managing our stress and mental health, especially in this moment. They provide a rhythm for our bodies, helping to manage our hormones and emotions while simplifying the choices our minds must make. They give us room to breathe. 

So I encourage you to implement routine in your life. Decide how you would like to start your day and do your best to craft a morning routine that complements that idea. Discover how you need to ground and recenter yourself at the end of your day and create it.

Choose healthy habits. 

Eat at regular times. 

Get up and exercise. 


Release the tension that you’re holding in your body. 

Set aside a workspace and work hours. 

Practice healthy sleeping habits. 

Breathe. Deeply. 

This moment is an opportunity to commit yourself to new habits, new boundaries, and new choices. Manage your stress and anxiety. This a chance for you to develop systems that nourish you. And your work. 

Need help organizing your day? Check out this free day planning sheet from Alter Planning Co.

You know who loves a good routine? Beyoncé


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