Nipsey Hussle.

For most of my life, I’ve never really had any confidence in myself. Most days, I’m still shocked at how I’ve been given this really big mission for #blkcreatives. Behind the visibly perceived “wins”, most of my creative journey has been the complete opposite. Student loans have slaughtered my credit score. I’ve slept on couches, on floors, and in cars. I’ve gotten hired, fired, laid off, let go, etc. My heart’s been broken massively. I’ve had an abortion. I’ve felt the urge to jump in front of moving trains. There have been days where I couldn’t get off of my cousin’s couch until 8pm. No matter what it looks like on the outside, the journey up until this point has not been a crystal stair, let me tell you. 

But what I’m learning lately, is that my life is no harder than the next person’s – we’re all, at the same time, navigating through some specific season in our lives and we know that can change at any moment. It happens to us all. Yet we’ve learned from Nipsey Hussle that it’s not about what happened to you, it’s about what you decide to do in this moment that counts. And he made every single second count, right up to his very last minute. 

If his life shows us nothing else, it tells us that any of us, have the power inside of ourselves, to change ourselves for the better. And in doing so, we can also change our communities. 

If Nipsey's life shows us nothing else, it's that we have the power inside of ourselves to change for the better. And in doing so, we can also change our communities. Click To Tweet

Let’s not just talk about what Nipsey means to us, let’s SHOW it. Get your work done and go volunteer in your community. Go hard with the brand building but also help a few young people get jobs this summer like my girl K.Riley suggested. Yes, get it in for the sake of the grind and increasing your income for Q3/Q4 but also remember to give back and give a few dollars the next time a homeless person stops you. 

We can do both.

Nipsey did.

And he would want us to believe in ourselves and believe in keeping our culture alive. 

His legacy will live on through us. 

Our marathon continues,
MK, Founder of #blkcreatives


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Nipsey Hussle #blkcreatives