For this month’s #blkcreatives Twitter chat on The Mental Health of Black Children, our Founder + Editor shares why this topic is so important and how it’s transforming our brand for the better.

Feature Photo Credit: Jamika Scott



For weeks, Mekhi James and Amaria Jones have been on my mind. Unfortunately, it’s not because of any viral moment or accomplishment that they achieved. It’s because their lives were tragically cut short here in my hometown of Chicago. For weekends throughout the summer, I’ve had to read about child after child losing their lives to gun violence. When I consulted one of my group chats – which is full of educators – the overwhelming response I received was that the kids who are participating on the other side of this violence are in need of things that our cities aren’t providing: purpose, community, and income.


I realized quickly that this isn’t just a Chicago problem, it’s a national one.


Since then, I’ve been researching and seeking ways of how to use this #blkcreatives platform for not just us Black millennials and our digital and cultural influence but for our children, because I want them to live to see our age. And they should not only be protected and nurtured physically, emotionally, spiritually but also mentally.


While we don’t have the power to attack every single issue and solve everything at one time, this Twitter chat is where we start. My hope is that this conversation will make space to include more care, more love, and more solutions for our Black children. See you Thursday night! – Melissa


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