Decision making is a process. For Creatives, because we claim autonomy over our approach to our work, there are always hundreds of decisions to be made in and on our work. And giving yourself time is key to making better decisions.

Better decisions lead to better results.

Inspired by a conversation with Marlena Banks of Big Idea Food, here are some questions to ask yourself while you contemplate your decisions. Stay patient, friends.

Am I being thirsty?

Am I acting out of fear?

Am I tweaking?

Am I reacting or being proactive?

Am I being thirsty?

Am I comparing myself to someone else?

Am I drinking enough water?

Does this add to my wellness?

Is this applying or adding pressure?

Did I already purchase something like this before?

How’d that go?

Is this in the budget?

Do I have a budget?

Am I using what’s already available to me?

Am I using what I have to its full advantage?

Am I being thirsty?

Am I tripping?

Didn’t I say I wanted to do _____? 

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