Creating passive income as a graphic designer doesn’t have to be an impossible feat thanks to this golden thread by Auntee Rik. Rikki is an Atlanta-based Business Operations + Systems Specialist who uses her 20+ years of experience in Operations, brand and web design to help service-based owners and solopreneurs to organize their business in order to increase efficiency and income.

Let this guide you in your mission to increase your income, starting with what you already have.

“Start with where you are, use what you have, do what you can.”

— Arthur Ashe

Dear Black Graphic Designers,

Please create some graphic templates and get them on Creative Market, Envato and Design Bundles and make you some “passive” income.

What to make?

• Editable logo files (Illustrator)

• Instagram feed templates (borders)

• Instagram feed puzzle templates

• Instagram story templates

• Instagram story highlights templates

• Pitch deck templates

• Media kit templates

• Club flyer templates

• Social Media templates for LIVE sessions

• Social Media header templates

• Social Media icons

• Graphic elements

• Brand mood boards

• Pinterest post templates

• Blog post templates

• Podcast cover templates

Planner Pages:

• monthly calendar

• weekly calendar

• daily agenda

• to do list

• social media content

• bullet journal pages

• Meal plan

design portfolio tips for black designers 1
Tips For Creating Your Design Portfolio

Now… make note:

• make sure your submissions are YOUR original works

• have designs clients rejected? Sell em!

• if you’re using Adobe to create, save – and sell – also for Canva — When you make your first $50, send me a coffee lol $aunteerik

Oh. Oh. OHHHHH you know what else you can do?

•Offer a service to make customizations to the design after you’ve sold it.

• Include your site’s link in the “read me” file that goes to a custom landing page that includes the upgraded service

For further monetizing those designs you are going to sell on marketplaces: · create tutorials for using/customizing your designs; use (@useloom) to record them.

· set you up a MemberVault account ( affiliate link) – your first 50 students are free. Give the people who buy from you on the platforms where you’re selling your designs free access, charge everyone else. *boom*

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