Twitter and social media as a whole can be a field of opportunity for a creative, if you use it intentionally.

As a community, Twitter is our most valuable social platform (coming after our website + newsletter). One of the ways we utilize social media as a tool is to pass around opportunities to our fellow #blkcreatives community that we are tagged to on Twitter.

Since we’re constantly fielding opportunities via the timeline we thought we’d share a few tips to help you get the most out of responding to creative calls on Twitter and social media.

Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

  • Your ‘about me’ statement. You always want to have a sentence or so that describes what you do. Your name, what you are offering (make sure it connects to what they are asking for.
  • Your files. Have a link to your work that backs up your about me statement. This link can be done via your website where you create a designated page with all of your info, your portfolio, or a PDF document. The point is to make sure that your work, your contact info, and your experience is shown. Save your document links AND save the PDF version, you’ll want to share links on Twitter (or point to your bio link on IG) because they’re clickable and save the PDF attachment for the follow up email exchange.
  • Your contact information. Give the person a way to contact you – leave your email address or link them to your calendar system to schedule a call.

A few more things:

  • When you’re vying for new opportunities, eye 👀 emojis do not work – you have to use your words. The more info you’re able to give up front to someone who’s looking to hire you, the easier it can be for them to reach out to you. Bonus, doing this also helps other people find you.
  • Copy and paste all of this into the Notes app on your phone, so if it happens while you’re scrolling you can copy and paste. Easy!
  • Don’t forget to follow-up. The world is so crazy these days, everybody needs a reminder.
  • Follow us on Twitter, we’re often retweeting freelance opportunities. Soon, we’ll have a dedicated space to share these opportunities that we’re tagged to, email subscribers will get the details first.

Are you also looking at full time opportunities? Visit our job board, remote jobs are available too. Wishing you good luck on your pursuit!