Newsletters can be excellent resources for creatives. They can be an opportunity to curate your inbox with your professional AND personal interests. Newsletters also bring us different perspectives, insights, and ideas that can help us think intentionally about our creative practices and approaches.

Here are some of our faves that can help move you forward:

  • The #blkcreatives weekly newsletter // creative resources + opportunities

Our weekly newsletter is for the betterment of Black creatives. Seeking some clarity and support on your creative career journey? We don’t have the answers for you but we can promise you that our community will provide the support you need to find the answers for yourself. It all starts with our newsletter, sign up here

  • The Create Daily // creative resources + opportunities 

The Create Daily is a newsletter filled with opportunities + resources curated by TV/film writer and director Felicia Pride, to help storytellers thrive. Prioritizing underrepresented creators, this newsletter has been curating links to grants, fellowships, pitches, events, programs and more, sign up here

  • Words of Mouth // creative resources + opportunities 

Words of Mouth is a weekly newsletter sharing opportunities for professional and creative development across design, the arts, education, information, and the built environment. It was conceived by Rachel Meade Smith as a hopeful, communal way to seek new opportunities, particularly for people working outside or between standard industry categories – sign up here

  • SMK BRK // weed + music

SMK BRK is the only safe haven for women to enjoy themselves and make space for their personal fulfillment through their cannabis use. Their newsletter is a combination of  the most informative, inspiring, and entertaining news – plus their playlists are supreme, sign up here

  • Trapital // hip-hop + business development Trapital’s mission is to elevate hip-hop culture and founder Dan Runcie does this by creating insightful content and products for the people taking hip-hop to the next level. Trapital’s free weekly memo keeps you ahead of the trends that shape the rest of the business world, sign up here

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Newsletters can be excellent resources for creatives, here’s a list by @blkcreatives that will help move you forward.

  • Wine With Chas // wine + spirits

Want to learn about wine in a fun, non-intimidating way? #WineWithChas, created by journalist Chasity Cooper, isn’t meant to over-complicate wine–but it aims to create a space for everyone to learn what their palate desires, and explore wines that they can fall in love with, sign up here

  • From Holley, With Love // personal development

Holley M. Kholi-Murchison is an artist and cultural geographer who’s always been deeply curious about human potential and what it takes to identify, confront, and surmount the barriers hindering us from fashioning new worlds and living lives beyond our wildest dreams. Their bi-weekly newsletter contains insight, resources and inspo for becoming who you are while creating work you love, sign up here.  

  • Supercreator News // politics + culture

Supercreator is the premier politics and culture newsletter for online creators and fans who want to make sense of what matters without feeling overwhelmed by your never-ending news feed created by journalist Michael Jones, sign up here

  • Beauty IRL // beauty + politics + pop culture

The BEAUTY IRL newsletter covers beauty at the intersection of politics and pop culture through breaking news, trends, and personal experiences. Created by writer and reporter, Darian Symoné Harvin, Darian’s aim is to show everyday folks why they should care, and what’s at stake in the beauty industry, sign up here.

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