Black music is the conduit for SO many of our stories. During these crazy times, it’s important to remember that music can be a practical tool for wellness.

“Black music is the foundation of every genre that exists. It has always been the source and voice for all of the emotions that we feel as a community. From political activism to the cookouts, the range is endless.”

Thanks to our Founder’s viral tweet, we brought in #blkcreatives community member Javoris to use his master curation skills for us to have a playlist around hope, health, and the intention of well-being. A native South Memphian, Javoris, is a music curator, lover of all things Black culture and loves to share music that shows the similarities between today’s music and music from the past. Connect with him on Apple Music. 

May you relax, relate, release, and enjoy – scroll down to it find it on your favorite streaming platform.

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