Real Love, from executive producer Mary J. Blige premieres Saturday, June 10th at 8/7c on Lifetime. We're hosting the watch party on Twitter. Here's why you should join us:

Mary J. Blige’s creative freedom is expanding.

It’s wild to think that a song that came out 30 years ago, is not being turned into a movie. Pretty sure that back then, the young star couldn’t fathom that her creativity in one area would expand over into another. Mary serves as executive producer on the film, which means that she also has an immense amount of creative control and we love that for her.

It’s stacked with a young, creative cast.

Here’s the summary via Lifetime: Mary J. Blige’s Real Love follows 18-year-old Kendra (Ajiona Alexus) as she sets off on her own for the first time at an HBCU in North Carolina. Attending on a scholarship, Kendra is determined to focus on school while balancing work study and keeping things professional with Ben (Da’Vinchi), her photo class partner.

Despite disapproving parents, financial hardship, and even an unexpected pregnancy, Kendra and Ben find themselves falling hard for each other and ultimately learning the meaning of “Real Love.” Even when Kendra realizes that in order to pursue her dreams, she must leave Ben behind, it’s certain that their story isn’t over…

It’s another way to appreciate the beauty and creativity of storytelling

One of our favorite ways to engage with culture is through film and television, visuals can communicate a thousand different lessons and ideas. Watching this movie gives us a change to tweet about all of the amazing aspects that go into storytelling at every level.

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