If you need to reach out to a therapist directly, a whole array of emotions can come up.

And at some point in your search, you may have to reach out to a therapist directly.

A few reasons why reaching out can be a challenge:

  • You don’t know what to say
  • You’re nervous about how you may come across
  • You’re tired overall from the therapist search

Here’s how to reach out to a therapist directly

If you’re feeling one or the above, know that the brief info here can save you time, and energy overthinking, and make it easier for you to be clear about what you need. Thankfully we have good people in our ecosystem like Dr. Khalia Braswell who created a template to do just that.

Copy and past the text below.


Sample Email Script

Hi [insert therapist name],
I am looking for a new therapist and reached out because I saw you and your firm listed on my insurance/directory/referral (insert name of source).
I wanted to know if you were taking on new clients at this time? I am looking to work through [insert most pressing issue here, example: grief – I recently lost my grandfather), [insert second most pressing issue here, example: I’m a Ph.D student at Temple], and [third most pressing issue, example: childhood trauma].
Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
Your name


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