'Just start' doesn't only include the moment that you begin, it's everything that you're thinking up to that point. If you're a creator looking to get beyond the starting point of anything, this read is for you.

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

Starting doesn’t mean you know or have everything, it means that you’re ready to make the commitment.

So many times we think we need to wait for the perfect moment or the perfect time or the perfect quarter to do things but friends, perfection is a lie. There’s never a perfect time to do anything.

Starting signals to yourself that you’re ready to make the commitment to whatever it is you want to do. The advantage of that is it will allow you to find out if this commitment is really for you at this time. So you’ll have information on whether or not to move forward, come back to it, or nix it all together and create a new way towards execution.

Starting allows you to clarify your priorities.

If you’ve been saying that something is really important to you, why are you putting it off? If there’s hesitation or resistance around you starting, it may be time to rethink what your priorities are.

Starting allows you to begin making progress right now.

We put so much energy into the fear around starting that sometimes we don’t think about the rewards – one of them being progress. If you have a goal you’re trying to accomplish and you take a small step every three days towards it, think of how much progress you’ll have made in three weeks.

Each step counts.

Starting allows you to tap into undiscovered parts of your creative freedom.

You never know what’s waiting for you after you start something. You also never know how your creativity can be put to use in other areas of your life. For example, when I’m planning my monthly budget, I use all the dry-erase markers, I put on some music, and I let my creativity come out while doing a very traditional task.

When you start, you get to open the door to what creativity looks like in other areas of your life. Explore it!