Did you know that there are only four woman-owned sneaker boutiques in the United States and NONE of them cater exclusively to the female consumer?

Our friends over at Shop CNK are here to change that.

“Since 2015, we’ve seen the US sneaker market boast $22.3 Billion in annual sales in 2022 with women accounting for 36.9% of the consumer market share yet, she remains underserved in community retail spaces,” they share on their fundraiser’s page.

Over the last seven years, CNK (which is short for “Chicks N Kicks”), has grown from a blog to a media business that stands strongly as a lighthouse for women across all facets of the sneaker and streetwear industry. In this short time, CNKDaily.com has become a trusted and impactful voice with both consumers and brands to provide much-needed representation for women.

Shop CNK will be a physical space designed to bring everything they’ve built online under one roof with their flagship store in Dallas, Texas. Through community building, establishing customer loyalty through service, and curating a space that merges hospitality, tech, and product equity, we’re fully behind the brand creating not only a new shopping experience but also retail ownership in the boutique sneaker space.


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Shop CNK blkcreatives only Black owned women sneaker boutique
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Founders Channing Beumer and Cassidy Edwards have been collecting kicks since free lunch and bring over 35 years of combined experience in marketing, digital strategy, HR, DEI, operations, compliance, and employee development.

“We know the market because we are the market and we’re ready to create the space for generations to come.”

The duo is currently fundraising right now to build Shop CNK which would be the only Black-owned, woman-focused experiential sneaker boutique in the US once it’s completed which is incredibly rare.

Shop CNK is a platform and community that will absolutely ensure that their woman-owned sneaker boutique will be the first of many, your donation is an investment into that future.

Learn more, share, amplify, and help our community friends meet this goal to launch in 2024 by clicking here. Check out our creative library here.