“I want people to know that I was committed to leaving an eternal flame, built on love, that would never be extinguished. I wanted this flame to touch lives, communities, and nations. I wanted it to be an urgent call to community and public service. My story is a freedom song from within my soul. It is a guide to discovery, a vision of how even the worst pain and heartaches can be channeled into human monuments, impenetrable and everlasting.” – Coretta Scott King

Here at #blkcreatives, we believe in not just sharing our stories, but also stories from our ancestors. Being Black and creative in this country, didn’t just start with the rise of the Internet, we’ve been creating a way out of no way for centuries. We’ve featured nods to greats like Harold Washington and  Muhammad Ali on our Instagram feed and now we want to take it a step further with our new feature ‘Our Duty, Their Legacy’.

Why the focus on those that came before us?

Because they sacrificed and fought for us to be where we are now, and that should be honored. It’s our responsibility to continue to build together and make real change as homage to them.

Today is Coretta Scott King’s birthday. Our Founder, Melissa Kimble wrote about her legacy for EBONY Magazine:

Even in today’s times, Black women’s contributions can tend to be overlooked. The most dangerous part about this particular form of erasure is that it doesn’t give us a full picture of who we are and where we’re headed. If we’re not careful, it can undo our progress. Released just one day after #MLKDay, a holiday whose existence was catapulted by King herself, the pioneer gives us a powerful inside look into her world and her life.

Read the full story here and purchase her book below!


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