Omar Epps’ Top Picks For Your Thanksgiving Playlist

From the moment we saw Omar Epps in NBC’s This Is Us super-trailer, we were hype. We’re huge fans of the show but that excitement wasn’t just reserved for the show, it’s for the man who we’ve watched for the majority of our lives on screen. And not only is he a legend and highly revered in our communities, he’s also got an amazing ear for music.

In the conversation you’re about to read, the legend and self proclaimed, Playlist King gives our Founder, Melissa Kimble his top five songs for a Thanksgiving themed family playlist.

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The Playlist

Melissa Kimble: So I know by way of Instagram that you’re the playlist king.

Omar Epps: Oh yeah. (laughs)

MK: Give me like, your top five playlist songs.

OE: Well, what type of playlist?




MK: Oooh okay, that’s a good one. Let’s see so the holidays are coming up..a lot of holiday parties with family and friends…Thanksgiving. Yeah, that’s a good one. Thanksgiving.

OE: A Thanksgiving playlist, wow. Okay we’re gonna start out with…


Never Too Much by Luther Vandross

Luther Vandross Never Too Much Omar Epps Thanksgiving Playlist #blkcreatives


MK: Okay, a CLASSIC.

OE: Damn… [thinking] a family playlist…Well I’ma skip ahead and do…

Donnie Hathaway’s This Christmas



MK: Okay gotta do that one.

OE: That’s a good one. Need something from Stevie…let’s do…


Superstitious by Stevie Wonder

Superstitious by Stevie Wonder blkcreatives Omar Epps Thanksgiving Playlist


OE: Yo, where am I at?

MK: You’re at 3.

OE: Damn, you put me on the spot. (laughs) Let me see, we did Stevie, we did Donnie, we did Luther, we gon’ do..


Rock With U by Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson Rock With You #blkcreatives Omar Epps Thanksgiving Playlist


MK: Okay that’s four.

OE: And we’re gonna end if off with some…

Here’s a bonus read connected to the Off The Wall Album.

Pop Life by Prince


Pop Life Prince Michael Jackson Rock With You #blkcreatives Omar Epps Thanksgiving Playlist


MK: Oh wow, okay. For that to be on the spot you killed it.

OE: Cuz you know Granny is gonna get up for some Prince.

MK: Right who’s not gonna get up for Prince?!

OE: That’s when you gotta show her the new dances, know what I’m sayin’? (both laugh)


We can’t say thank you enough to Omar for taking the time out to share with us. He’s everybody’s favorite actor – our favorite, our family’s favorite, our mama’s, cousins’, brother’s favorite. We deeply respect him and his work and wish him much success.

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