Our live cooking session with Black Girls Cook was a sweet, fun, and lowkey inspiring time in (virtual) community.

This event was free for members, bake along with us and catch the replay inside of the community. Not a member? Join here.

Established in 2014, Black Girls Cook (BGC) is a Baltimore and Miami-based non-profit organization with a mission to empower and inspire inner-city adolescent girls of color through culinary arts and urban farming.

Click here to learn more about the org + donate to their impactful work. Here are a few lessons we collected from our amazing junior chef, Chef Morgan while making homemade sweet potato cupcakes.

Everything sweet needs a pinch of salt.

Chef Morgan is a teen chef based who’s been cooking and learning via Black Girls Cook since she was 9 years old. As we made homemade sweet potato cupcakes, she dropped this bar. It was a reminder that even good things have their salty parts, sometimes it’s big and sometimes it’s small but it all amounts to something fulfilling.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard, your creativity can help you improve your favorite meals.

The BGC Cooking and Baking Programs aim to help young girls feel more motivated about cooking for themselves and have a better understanding of the importance of both eating a healthy balanced diet and food hygiene. Each class is taught by a certified female chef of color who owns a business in the Mid-Atlantic region. Chef Morgan mentioned that being something she’s learned during her time in the program – there’s a healthier version of pretty much everything if you’re willing to be patient in finding those recipes and trying them out.

Don’t let what you don’t see discourage you, use that to motivate you to create something new.

As she was whipping up the cheesecake icing for her cupcakes, Chef Morgan shared that she had various interests including her love of cooking and baking, and wasn’t sure what type of business she wanted to start one day. You could tell that she’s a super-talented young lady with unlimited potential and we wanted to encourage that. Our Founder Melissa suggested that she keep and open mind about it and “don’t let what you don’t see discourage you, use that to motivate you to create something new.” That’s also a reminder for anyone reading this that if you don’t see what you’re looking for, you may have to create it.

Word to Toni Morrison. 

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