SESI Mag understands, respects, and appreciates the Black girls in all of their glory. As the only teen magazine for Black girls in the country. the mag is edited and published by Andréa Butler.

Genesis Hall on the cover of SESI Mag, Eris Baker on the cover of SESI Mag, the only mag for Black girls that needs our help
Eris Baker on the cover of SESI Mag, the only mag for Black girls that needs our help
Marsai Martin On The Cover of SESI Mag, the only mag for Black girls that needs our help.

“Sesi” means “sister” in Sotho, a Bantu language mainly spoken in Southern Africa. The only teen magazine for Black girls on the newsstands, Sesi reps to the fullest — filling that void in mainstream magazine media, in which Black girls and their voices are virtually invisible. As an independent magazine with very little advertising, they rely on the support of our community to continue publishing.

They need our help in the form of monetary donations they are raising $8,000 to stay afloat.

A statement from Andréa:

When I was a teenager, I never saw girls who looked like me on the covers or inside pages of the teen magazines I obsessively read, save maybe once a year. Black girls deserve better — they did then and they do now — and Sesi is filling that void.

But we need help.

Despite the countless hours and days over the past nine years I’ve spent reaching out to brands; applying for loans, grants, etc.; and yes, even sending magazines, emails, and tweets to celebs, these attempts have either been ignored or declined. And even with the new pledges being made by major brands, things have not changed yet for us.

It would be very easy to give up, and at times I’ve felt that’s my only option, but then a 13-year-old reader sends me a pitch deck for a virtual teen summit, or a 16-year-old sends a photo of her and her sister posing with their copies of Sesi, or another reader shares how much the magazine has impacted her life, and I know I can’t let them down.

Not without a fight, no matter how many battles it takes.

You can show your support by donating and also subscribing. You can donate any amount you’d like and subscriptions are $15 a year – SESI Mag would make a great birthday and Christmas gift!

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