In order to preserve, sustain, and elevate Black creativity in all phases of its development and existence we host workshops, experiences, and activations for the betterment of Black creators, our creativity, our culture, and our communities. This calendar will be updated throughout the month.

Dropping the corporate mentality with Lisa B. is happening Thursday, May 4th at 6pm CST in our membership community.

A conversation and a think tank between Lisa Beasley and Melissa Kimble where Lisa shares tips with our community on how to break out of the corporate mindset that keeps so many of us pigeonholed, even after we’ve left it.
  • Camera on or off it’s your choice
  • You can ask questions during the think tank via audio or text message in the chat
  • This will be recorded and available for replay in case you miss it in real-time and/or leave before it’s over
PLEASE NOTE: This is no shade to anybody who works in corporate and/or works a full-time job – this is just for those who’ve chosen a different path. We’ll have resources for you too in the #blkcreatives community – let us know what you need.
@lisabevolving workplace ✨ sprinkle sprinkle ✨ next time imma add my wingtips and zoom in super close on my face. This is fun #worktok #corporatetiktok #sprinklesprinkle ♬ original sound - Lisa Beasley

What's on tap for you this month

🗣 Thursday, May 4 • 7PM EST – Dropping The Corporate Mindset with Lisa B. / Exclusive to members only

🗣 Wednesday, May 10 • 7PM EST – How To Create and Run FB & IG Ads / Exclusive to members only