What better way to add laughter than to binge-watch your favorite Black shows? In the
past year, HBO Max has highlighted black shows that bring nostalgia from the ’90s to new
shows that embrace the culture today.

The end of the year can be a challenging time due to holidays, cold weather, daylight savings,
and wrapping up Q4. It’s essential to ground yourself and sprinkle some joy into your daily

90’s shows recently added to HBO MAX:

The Jamie Foxx Show: Jamie King is an aspiring actor from Carol, Texas, who moves to Los Angeles to work at his family hotel in hopes to spark his acting career in Hollywood.

In The House: Marion Hill is an injured football player that rents out his house to a single mom with two kids to keep up with his image as a pro-athlete. As Marion works his way back into pro-football, he grows a bond with the family.

Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper: Mr. Cooper is a high school teacher and coach, living with his roommates Vanessa and Robin, navigating through their 20’s.

Martin: Martin works in radio and transitions to TV personality. The show mainly focuses on his relationship with his girlfriend Gina, his friendships with Tom and Cole, and his arch-enemy Pam, who is best friends with Gina. 

The Parent ‘Hood: The Peterson’s are an upper black middle-class family living in Harlem, New York. Robert Townsend is a college professor and his wife; Jerri is a law student. Together they raise their four kids and instill love, education, and respect in their household.

Other Featured Shows: 

–      A Different World

–      The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

–      The Wayans’ Brothers

–      Insecure

–      Lovecraft Country

–      A Black Lady Sketch Show

–      The Wire

–      Watchmen

–      Boondocks and more!

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This season give yourself permission to kick back, do nothing, and enjoy some black excellence on your TV Screen. Looking for creative inspiration to play in the background while you create? Check this out.