Atlanta native, serial entrepreneur, and #blkcreatives community member Jacques aka Joc, hosted a February 2023 event called Spectrum through his company, Creatives After Dark which I had the pleasure of attending.

Joc is a filmmaker, visionary, content creator, and lover of bringing Black people and creativity together. With Joc’s passion for arts, he continues to make his stamp around Atlanta by bridging the gap through dialogue and bringing black creatives from all walks of life to events such as Creatives After Dark. 

Spectrum is a night of R&B Jams, fellowship, the arts, and celebrating Black people having a good time: A genuine vibe and a space for real Black people to come together and exist without the pressures of the world. As the head curator, Joc made sure that everything went smoothly from the venue being prepared, to checking tickets at the door, running social media, and more. As an attendee, I could see for myself how much work went into curating such an amazing experience. As I walked through the venue, I enjoyed seeing new faces and it was great to see people actually talking with one another. All the food, good music, and overall energy were great to witness firsthand.

Creatives After Dark highlights the importance of community and creativity throughout Atlanta. It’s beautiful to see what people can do together when they have resources, support, and drive. As the city continues to shift and expand it’s essential to preserve Black culture. I believe Joc and his team are doing a wonderful job of reminding us that our creativity matters.

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